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    Default Prince Nymph Beadhead Special

    [IMG2="left"][/IMG2]Here is my small stream bead head special Prince nymph tied on a Mustad size 12 curved nymph hook great pattern and works any where any time love to fish little wild brookies and browns with this fly. Can be tied weighted or unweighted to suite from size 8-14.

    Materials in fly pictured;

    1. Mustad signature C49S size 12
    2. Rumph 1/8 gold bead
    3. nontoxic wire for weight if desired
    4. 8/0 red thread
    5. tail amber turkey biot
    6. ribbing 4-5 strands crystal flash
    7. body 3-4 peacock herls
    8. wings white turkey biot
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    Nice, how long have you been making these?

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    Default Re: Prince Nymph Beadhead Special

    Hi Todd,
    Benn tying these for about 5 years or more I started tying it on a curved hook to see if it would make a differance in the hook up rate and it did so I stuck with it. It also can be tied with a soft hackle collar as well will try to get that up soon.
    Thank you for taking a look tie some of these up and give them a go you will not be dissapointed.
    If you don't tie pm me and let me know what you would like.

    Thank You,

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    VERY NICE and thanks for the heads up. I am seeing more flies tied on scud hooks, but never a Prince. Great job!

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