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silvertip8k 05-07-2013 02:00 PM

here is my attempt at tying up a series of bugs on their way progressing through their phases of growth...

all are tied on a size 16 hook...with basicaly the same materials...I used a lot of the insights I gained from the "Meet the Hendriksons" video by Tightline Productions...

especially the width of the tail/abdomen, colors and curved tail...its a simple pattern to tie...and uses some of my favorite materials...this idea could be easily translated into many various sizes of aquatic insects that start out as nymphs and emerge into adults...

the emerging part of this trio is copied after a pattern that was popular back in the late 70's called a "still born"...supposedly an emerging nymph that has its wings stuck in a state of trying to break loose of its wing case...and easy target for a hungry trout...I remember tying them back then...

I also posted an SBS of these on my site this month for any who are interested...

wandering monk pattern of the month 3 | tales of a wandering monk

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