Recipe courtesy of Jocelin LaBlanc NSFA


Another great creation by Jocelin LeBlanc he managed to use only deer hair and thread to create this naturally swimming critter. Jocelin had tried lots of mice pattern from different tiers and commercial fly sellers and was always not satisfied in the action those flies created on the water. One day in 1999 he was sitting on the shore of the Tabusintac river in NB and he watched a mice swim across the river and he noticed that the only part of the mice above the water was the head and the tail section. All the other flies in the market all floated to high thus loosing lots of fish. He created this version made entirely of deer hair and deer skin which imitates a mice perfectly.

Material needed

SIZE 1 Hook
UNI thread 6/0 black
good scissors
head cement
black waterproof marker