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    Default Tying the Early Season Klinkhammer Special

    Step by step tying the Early Season Klinkhammer Special great fly for the early quill hatch here in the North East or any where for that matter.

    Materials needed ;

    1. hook Mustad C49S size 12

    2. 3/0-6/0 olive green thread

    3. post white cavs tail or polly yarn

    4. orvis olive body glass

    5. spectrablend dubbing brown, olive

    6. barred ginger or cree hackle

    Tie as follows put hook in vise start thread and tie in cavs tail with figure eight wraps.

    Pull post upright and tie in put a touch of head cement to hold in place.

    Tie in body glass as shown and wind up to one hook eye length of post trim and tie in.

    Tie in hackle apply spectrablend dubbing to thread wind dubbing behind and infront of post.

    Wind Hackle on to post bottom to top and back down and tie in.

    Finnish head trim thread and trim top of post apply head cement to head and post to create a durable fly.

    Note: Can be tie in any range of colors to match your particular needs and any size 12-16.

    Allen Landheer
    Fly fishing is not for everyone..
    -Fly fishing since 1971-

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    Default Re: Tying the Early Season Klinkhammer Special

    Looks good. thanks flityer

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    Thanks Flityer, but to make it more expanding, you can use any material for the bodies, even add a tail in the middle while will look normal in the water but give the effect it is much smaller. CDC for a post also. You can do whatever you want to this fly. I use the 200R hook and bent it a little bit behind the eye.
    Try this with BIOT, cool looking fly.

    A little something I do when tying the hackle around the post, is once i have wrapped it around, I put a little Zap-A-Gap on the tying thread and wrap around the post and hackle with the glue coated thread. Just a little.
    Then I make the head and whip finish.
    Makes the fly a little more bullet proof.

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    Default Re: Tying the Early Season Klinkhammer Special

    great illustraiton and great tips joni

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    I even go to a #20 but like I said I use a 200R so that really isn't that small.

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