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silvertip8k 08-03-2013 04:12 PM

hocus-pocus...and a bamboo spey...
this is a pattern I made up for some lower water steelhead or all around trout conditions, especially fora bamboo spey I just finished for a customer ( a basic tied in hand so please dont laugh)...for a 12 ft 6wt...I used a shooting head line and also a straight WF floating line and a 6ft leader...both did just fine...the WF probably a bit more quality presentations etc. I did hit the backing a few times...something not really desirable...but this rod has guts!

~hocus pocus~ a beginners tied in hand attempt...

I have tied this pattern a lot in the what the heck...I actually used the wax lump to help hold the hook...and did not use a bobbin...just the thread spool...

size 2 upturn house brand hook from AO Feathers
buffalo wool dubbing & .010 wire body spiral wrap
gray canada goose biot for tail (turned up)
dyed amber drake mallard flank for under body
guinea hen tented wings...w/ a few strands pulled down for legs

hint: to find some buffalo wool all you need to do is go by any ranch that has a few...and walk along the barbwire fencing...Buffalo always leave a little behind when the rub on the wire for a scratch...its an awesome dubbing material that can range from blonde to black

I need to tie one up again for a better pic...this was after fishing it a bit...
but the idea gets there I think...the tented wings were so perfect before it got wet...oh well...the wax job does have its lifespan...LOL...

here are afew pics of the new bamboo too...I have to send it out next week for a customer...I did get a chance to cast and fish it some...

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