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    Default Sunday Funday - mixed bag

    I learned how to tie about 5 months ago while I was at school (the UVM fly fishing club is awesome). I tied twice up there, the first was a wooly bugger and then a clouser minnow. Very basic patterns I know, but it got me very interested in tying. Today I finally got around to tying (my third time) some interesting patterns, 3 are for pike/musky, the rest can probably be used for a multitude of fish.

    Here is where I got the template for the pike flies:
    UV Flashtail Whistler

    My twist

    My next "template", I didn't have all the materials so I switched it up a bit
    PINK FLASHER RED EYE SMELT (Pike Fly) - Fly Fishing Forums

    Simple clouser

    My "WFE" series fly (worst fly ever, tied from the leftover material)

    All together

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    Default Re: Sunday Funday - mixed bag

    For the limited tying experience you have, they're darn fine looking flies!

    My only suggestion, if you're going after Pike, coat the thread heads with epoxy or one of the UV coatings to add some extra durability. Several coats of Hard As Nails will do it too.

    Let us know how they work for you! Some pics of fish would be nice!
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    Default Re: Sunday Funday - mixed bag


    All I had on hand was some crazy glue/gorilla glue. I need to get some good head cement.

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    Default Re: Sunday Funday - mixed bag

    Nice work, now go out and catch some Pike!

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    Default Re: Sunday Funday - mixed bag

    Nice tying, think about 'weed guards' for Pike also.


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    Default Re: Sunday Funday - mixed bag

    Thanks guys, went out and fished a couple hours today at the Monksville Res. in NJ (know locally as skunksville).

    Like it's nickname says, no fish. I can say the flies look and swim good in the water, weed guards for sure on the next batch. I did have a small musky on for a bit but I think he just mouthed it. Highlight of the day was sneaking up on a 40"+ musky in only about 2 feet of water. Was getting dark so I couldn't see very far, next thing I know there it is right off the bow. Once he noticed me he circled back around to take a look at me, I also got a good look at him. Must have thought I looked pretty funny with my mouth hanging wide open!

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