HOOKS: 1 - Streamer and 1 - Scud (have fun with different sizes)
THREAD: Match Zonker color
BODY: Two Zonker Strips in different colors or same
INNER BODY: Chenille
HEAD: Marabou, Mallard, Guinea feather with 4 strands Flashabou

I had to tie this in foam because it was too hard to see what was what with the Zonker strips.
Put the cone or bead on the Streamer hook now.

The Stinger hook is a scud tied to mono with a surgeon's loop

Thread the mono on a sewing needle:

Stitch the two Zonker strips together (you can go longer or shorter)

After stitching the strips, put the streamer hook through the Zonker strip you want at the bottom of the fly. Pull the mono till the scud hook is touching the Zonker strip. Then tie down the mono to the hook. This is also when you could add weight if you want.

Add Chenille to hook by bend and wrap to eye:

Fold the top and the bottom Zonker strips over the chenille and secure just behind cone or bead.

Attach the Flashabou:

Now attach the collar. I tie the feather in by the tip and wrap to stem.

And here is the finished STINGER in Rabbit: