THis was supposed to the a pictorial through the wing construction, but i got so engrossed in put it together on the hook that i forgot to take pictures of the process.
So you're left with the finished article unfortunately.

The majority of rangers i see have big wings, which to my eye at least, is not right as it seems to throw off the proportions of the fly at the back end with the wide tippets and narrow by comparison hook gape.

So, i set out to tie this ranger, long and low. Now, I wasnt to worried about the black bars of the tippets aligning when i'd finished, but i did select tippets which fit together in that manner. After stroking and shaping them to acheive the look i wanted, the result is what you see. some bars out of place and a dishevelled looking fly.
For me, this appearance works for the Durham Ranger, and i'm happy with the fly i've tied.