HOOK: Streamer Hook #10 to #14
BEAD: Black Tungsten (as big as you can get on hook)
CADDIS: Cylinder foam orange or yellow, burn the tip
SHUCK: Partridge or Starling Soft Hackle Style
BODY: Black, Burgundy, Gray, Brown, Green dubbing all blended together

Start by putting the TUNGSTEN BEAD on

CAREFULLY! melt the end of the foam and attach to end of hook:

Trim foam off as short as you can. Then add feather (I tie in by tip) to start the wraps in Soft Hackle style:

Put dubbing mix on thread, but don't clup, keep it light for a TIGHT wrap, this will take several wraps of light dubbing to build case.

Cover hook shank with dubbing:

The idea behind this tie, is the bead rides on the river bottom and the foam raises the hook. Less snags and gives a nice replica of a caddis trying to escape.