Recipe courtesy of Jocelin LeBlanc NSFA


This Atlantic Salmon dry fly is an original pattern was developed here for the North Shore rivers great for Mid July to late season salmon fishing. It's named after Romeo Paquette, a dear friend of mine that has been fishing one of my favorite local salmon river here on the North Shore for over 70 years. Its fished in size 2 to 8 and has caught 5 salmon for me in 2007 and 4 in 2006 one of them a 18 pound hen. A quick note remember to let the fly float pass the salmon beacause often salmon will turn around a savagely attack this fly 4 to 5 foot below them.


Hook - DRY FLY 4x HOOK
Tail- Olive calftail
Thread - black
Body - Light olive dubbing
Rib- Brown hackle palmered
Wing- white calftail
Hackle- Brown hackle