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    Default Looking for Cinder Worm Pattern

    I am looking for a proven cinder worm pattern.

    I have a trip planned to the Vineyard in June and I want to be prepared.


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    Default Re: Looking for Cinder Worm Pattern

    Sometimes they will bite one pattern and ignore another. Your best bet is just to wait until you get there, then go to Coop's or Larry's Tackle Shop, ask them whether the hatch is on, in which pond, and what's working.

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    Default Re: Looking for Cinder Worm Pattern

    I don't know about the Vineyard, but in southern NewEngland the "worm hatch" is essentially over by June. There's ponds where there's a monthly hatch throughout the season, but for the most part it all happens in May.

    I carry 4 different patterns myself. One has a spun deerhair head and a marabou tail, one is kind of a cactus chenille woolybugger, one tyed gurgler style, and forth is an appropriately colored snake fly.

    I saw this nice one in last week's Midcurrent email but like moucheur said , they don't always go for the same patterns.
    I think that that has to do more with their erratic "mating dance" than anything else.
    How to Tie a Cinder Worm | MidCurrent

    If you're interested, they have a "cinderworm workshop" at the Ninigret National Wildlife Refuge in Rhode Island every year.

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