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Thread: Poly Wing Adams

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    Default Poly Wing Adams

    I have been tying a bunch of this style pattern lately because the wing is just so easy to tie compared to more traditional split wings of feathers or hair. This one is a size 14 but I'm planning on tying a bunch more of the same pattern down to 18 or 20. I'm hoping the brookies will like them this Spring.

    Click for full view.

    Hook: Standard Dry Fly
    Tail: Black bucktail
    Wing: White Para-Post
    Body: Grey synthetic dubbing
    Hackle: Grizzly (I skipped adding the brown)

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    Default Re: Poly Wing Adams

    What material specifically are you using for the poly wing?
    The reason I ask is this, it looks like a "softer" type poly yarn of some kind that will eventually become waterlogued and sink your fly. I like a "stiffer" more "crinkely" type of material for wings like this.

    It could just be the way it looks in the pic, if it is just tell me to shut up.
    Just thought I would mention it before you tied a bunch more, I've been there and done that before.

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    fyshstykr, I've been using a product from Hareline Dubbin called Para Post wing on my parachutes for a while. On this fly I used a product by the same name from Orvis and it does seem a little softer. Maybe I'll float it in the sink to see what happens. I once tried the same thing with antron yarn and had the same problem you describe but this stuff seems to work better. I now use the antron for wing cases and legs on nymphs and trailing shucks on emergers.

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    Default Re: Poly Wing Adams

    Ok, good deal.
    Years ago I tied up a bunch of Trudes and used a soft absorbant type material for the wing, everyone of them little suckers sank in a matter of moments.
    Wanted to make sure you didn't make that same mistake.

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