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  1. Default River-Bottom-Colored Sculpin

    Olive bottom colored rivers

  2. Default Re: River-Bottom-Colored Sculpin

    I wonder if they spin when stripped in....

  3. Default Re: River-Bottom-Colored Sculpin

    Yo fox..... how?

    Looks cool.... but yea could spin unnaturally. Weight?

    "As The deer Thirts For Water, I thirst for you Oh Lord"

    North Woods Wanderings
    Adventure into the North Woods.......

    "Aroostook Flyers and Tyers"

  4. Default Re: River-Bottom-Colored Sculpin

    That sculpin has a great profile. I live in an area where sculpins rule for large trout. I wouldn't expect a spinning problem with that pattern simply because of the way they are fished, short slow retrieves. What is the material and tying steps for this pattern? We normally use maribou for the tail, black sculpin wool for the body and black deer hair for the head. I really like the fin profile on this pattern and would love to see what it looks like when wet.

  5. Default Re: River-Bottom-Colored Sculpin

    I agree, very nice pattern. I use the Kelly Galloup pattern:
    Woolly Sculpin Fishing Fly Pattern by Kelly Galloup

  6. Default Re: River-Bottom-Colored Sculpin

    I LOVE KG cougar baitfish....In olive of course....

  7. Default Re: River-Bottom-Colored Sculpin

    This sculpin has lead eyes plus 10 wraps of lead wire. In a #4 there are size large lead eyes and 10 wraps of .030 lead wire. The pectoral fins are not glued stiff but move like the fins of a real sculpin's would. I even thin them out with a pair of taperized scissors so they react better. When the fly moves forward the fins collapse along side the body, when the fly stops the fins will slowly move back to the fan shape. This sculpin appeared in my book, "Fishin' What They See" and the 2004 March issue of "Fly Fisherman Magazine". In the article I explained why I used the material I did (because it is non-buoyant), why I flattened the eyes ( they are not eyes but the basis for the pectoral fins), why I didn't use feathers for the fins (because they make the fly spin), why I thinned the fins (so they reacted like a real sculpin), and why I tied it HPU (Hook Point Up). The editor was so impressed with it that his editoral at the beginning of the magazine was mostly devoted to how good this pattern is. It produced several hundred trophy browns during the years that I use it in my 26 year guiding career on the White River System in Arkansas. I personally caught several browns over 20 pounds with it. It catches River Walleye and Smallmouth like crazy also.

    Here are two links to short videos on making it part 1, Fly Fishing - River-Bottom Colored Sculpins Part 1
    and part 2, Fly Fishing - River-Bottom Colored Sculpins Part 2

    I also have a DVD on tying it.

    Just thought I would share it with ya'll.

  8. Default Re: River-Bottom-Colored Sculpin

    Wow, it changes the fly knowing how it was made. Thank you for sharing Fox Statler. It's a great pattern.

  9. Default Re: River-Bottom-Colored Sculpin

    Fox, I just finished watching your instructional video links. Very nice. Thanks for posting and for the very clear tying instructions.

  10. Default Re: River-Bottom-Colored Sculpin

    I second Bruce 100% THANKS MAN!

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