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Thread: Fiber

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    Just got into some fiber that I liked. Did some looking around and found a clip from EP fibers. Along with the Clouser Minnow got two very nice looking minnow patterns. I like the Fiber (or what I call the ghost minnow) the best. I find they are both very easy to ty. Both are on a 2/0 hook.
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    more pics
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    I find that Frosted Mini wheats as well as Kashi cereals do the trick.......

    Oh, nevermind. Sorry, my smartarse had a bit of a flare up.

    Good looking flies there. How does that fiber move in the water?

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    Now that you mention it, the one does look like a frosted mini wheat. Just add milk. I have not gotten out to use it yet. Just made it this last weekend and well for the past few days we've had a 20+ mph wind up here. I dont think even the most expert fly caster can do very well in a wind like that. I've hopeing they will look very well and stay together for the most part. If anything a breathing/poofing action may do well. This is the first time I've tyed with hair fibers and fist time using this product. They are called Dougs Bugs Angle Hair type. I got them off of eBay. In theory and in mind they look very good to me.
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    So are those fly made of ep fibers or another fiber? Whatever they are made of they look really good. I tie with ep fibers and really like the way they move in the water.

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    I seen a video to ty a EP fiber forage minnow and that is what I used as a "how to" to make them. I used what is called angle hair, I do not know who makes them, I got them from eBay. Real cheap as well. 4 pks at $2 each. The video is very nice since it shows step by step. He gives some good advice on how to trim, stripe, put eyes on, and epoxy use to make them. Almost any fibers will do since I've seen many types, but this is the first I;ve made. Plan on making more. The larger hooks should work great for pike and smallies. Just need more fiber colors, hook types, and eyes.
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    Great looking Fly! Thanks for turning us on to it!

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    No Prob, I got a new type of fiber from Cabelas and have made one fly with it so far. Blended this new (new to me) fiber with this angel hair. Came out even better. I want to make one more then will post. These fiber minnows I think will be my "go to" when out hunting the big predator fish we have up here.
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    whats the video link your talking about? I would love to see it!

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    TGood: the correct name is the EP Baitfish Streamer, I used something else...2 other fibers to be correct. Though I find that this is spot on of a how too. Even though I used different fibers then what is used in this video I think it works very well and for anything.

    here is the link

    EP Baitfish Streamer Fly

    That is what I used to make my fiber minnows from.
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