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    I was reading your last post and was thinking the new braided lines might be a possibility...LOL you beat me to it! I'm sure you will figure something out...Wait, an idea just hit me; you had mentioned the twist when you have a pike doing a roll and kinking your steel. Would a swivel work to reduce that? I'm thinking the leader attached to the fly with the hay bale twist and the same thing to attach the wire to the swivel. I would think that would reduce the kinking...Just a thought...


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    in any fishing with wire a swivle is a must. I find that the types spro makes are top. Needless to say, wire is the only thing that will work. Funny thing, I use a type of leader made by southbend. They are a really good cheap leader that works very well. Few years back we were fishing with 12lb test leaders. The wire was too light for the fish we were catching and well when the fish would hit it, they would snap them. Granted we were using 30lb spiderwire at the time. Since that happend and using 25lb spliced to 20lb for a tippet a thin 45lb wire and heavy snap and swivles are a must. Still todate, there has not been a line I've used that a pike/musky could not bite through.
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