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    Here is just how savage pike can be. These pics are of a fly type that I came up with after seeing what was called a tequila flash and whizzbang (i think that was what it was called). Both are on smaller hooks size 1-8. These are on 2/0-5/0 and have much more marabou on it. The thing I liked the best about this pattern was the slow fall and wavie action of the feathers and flashboo. This fly is a shorter vertion not having the long tail and eyes epoxied on. As you can see on the first pic there was plenty of feathers on it and it looks intact. The second pic well, granted several dozen fish were taken on it before I pulled it and used somthing else. The second photo is the after, showing what is left of the fly. As you can see it looks a bit ruff. Shows how hard these fish are on a fly.
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    <*))))>< Fish with teeth ... If I ty it a fish will hit it

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