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    Here are the poof balls I mentioned in the other thread. Simple pattern to make. Get a good strong hook, add some flashboo/tinsle on the back of the hook...adding hair or fibers work well too. Main thing to remember is add it just before the hook curves. This gives a nice wave action. I like to add two colors to it. Next start wrapping maraboue. I use orange, chartruse, purple, grey/blue, and pink. I like orange and purple, yellow pink combos best. Eyes are not needed but I add 3D eyes, google eyes, and some plastic barbell eyes (no weight) just to give it that real look. I had the best luck with these. The length and body area of the wrapped feathers make a very good pike fly. The larger ones I have made would do equily well for tigers, musky, and some saltwater apps. They are 2"-5" long, plans are underway to make larger ones still if I can find the right hooks. The last pic is of one that used blue ice dubbing dubbed onto the shaft, I used two feathers for it. Came out very nice. I got the idea as I mentioned in the other thread from some smaller salmon patterns. These are just bigger and have more flash to get old Esox's eye.

    Note the first pic has a hour glass weight on the hook...similar to the ones used for clouser minnows. Also a long shanked hook is a must.
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