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    Default Brad Bohen's Musky fly

    this is my version of the infamous musky fly...

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    Default Re: Brad Bohen's Musky fly


    Great job! Looks like a musky happy meal.

    That must have incredible action in the water--- what is it 12" long or so? What weight rod do you throw it with?

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    Default Re: Brad Bohen's Musky fly

    Nice, I don't know what else to say.

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    Default Re: Brad Bohen's Musky fly

    its about 11 or 12 inches long, i have a 10 weight rod for musky. i havent hooked into one yet,but my fingers are crossed! it took one follow from a mid 40 inch musky to send me into musky heading back up to northern wisconsin again this fall to try to snag into one, im stocking up my arsenal

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    Default Re: Brad Bohen's Musky fly

    It is a very nice looking fly and a 10wt it prob casts easily enough. I know some of the musky/pike flies I make are a bit hard to cast on my 9wt. One suggestion I would make for u though, try a similar looking fly but make it sub-surface. I get much better reactions from fish on a large sluggish fly that tends to hang head down then when the line is stripped the head bobs up a little. A similar pattern but with a barbell weight on the front and a little less hair should do ya. This also gets the tail section moving in a wave pattern that Ive found fish have a hard time passing up.
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