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Thread: Perch tutorial

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    HOOK: Streamer #4
    THREAD: Black
    UNDER BODY: Perch Flashabou
    TAIL: Yellow Mallard (4)
    BODY: Green Guinea
    GILLS: Red Pheasant
    FIN: Peacock Sword
    EYES: Small Red Stick-On
    Plus Sally Hansen Hard As Nail polish


    Start thread at front of hook:

    Attach several strands of Perch Flashabou. I fold it over to double. Again, toward the front of hook:

    Attach first set of mallard feathers, favoring the bottom portion more. One on each side of hook:

    Next Attach second set of Mallard, favoring top portion, One on each side of hook:

    Now, attach Guinea. Try to match size, print, and shape on these. One on each side of hook:

    Ont the gills, I found that by putting a light coat of Sally Hansen Nail Polish to the feather, it holds it's shape better and is easier to work with. Plus, helps to make the fly a little stronger:

    When dry, attach the Gills to each side of hook right behind the eye of the hook and towards the bottom of the hook:

    Next, take 4 or 5 Peacock Swords, but be careful to try to keep all curving in the same direction. This can be tricky. Attach them just behind the eye of the hook on the top of the hook:

    Finally, stick the eyes on. I use the vein of the guinea feather to line them up evenly:

    Lastly, an option, I put a thin coat of Sally Hansen Hard as Nail Polish on the thread at the eye of the hook and stroke it back onto the guinea and the eyes. Just to make the fly more durable.

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    Pretty fly!

    What do you catch with it?

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    Hi Joni,

    Very nice tutorial. If you don't mind I will post it in the FAQ Fly Tying section after the post has run its course.


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    Joni, That is a good looking fly!

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    Good looking fly. Great tutorial. Thanks


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    awsome looking fly joni! I need to tie me up some more flies. ain't tied anything cause I have had 4 full fly boxes but I need to get at it anyways.
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    This thing kicked hinde end on the Bass at Rockport, but the perch also hit it.

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