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    Default Trout and minnows

    I was just wondering how many of you use minnow type streamers for troud and what what they are. I myself have become loving small size8 mylar minnows. Though I cannot get a good pic, how often do you use these for trout, brown, cut, brook, bow?
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    I fairly regularly throw Clouser minnows in a size 8 or so. It started out as a bit of a last-ditch effort when my usual nymphing tactics weren't working, but one fall I had one of my best days ever doing that, so I've always got a few on me. I've taken browns and 'bows on them.

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    Default Re: Trout and minnows

    Ever since leaving the lower forty eight all I use for Trout are feather wing streamers and Sculpin imitations. I live in Alaska and seldom fish dry flies any more. I fished streamers down east about 70% of the time so it was no big deal stepping that up to 99% here.

    I like the Nine Three tied with a silver wire body instead of tinsel (for weight and durability) I also add an ostrich herl butt just for fun. The Grey Ghost tied traditionally is a good producer here too.

    Only Rainbow Trout here but they love the feather wings. Char like them also. Make them smaller (size 6 or 8) and catch all the Grayling you want. I am a wet fly / streamer fisherman.

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    Default Re: Trout and minnows

    Hi to all,

    MrEsox, is this the type of minnows you are talking about.?

    Kaufmann Janssen's Minnow

    Hardyreels, that is the exact experience I had living in Alaska. I didn't carry any Nymphs or dry flies. Buggers, Egg Sucking Leaches and eggs are about all I used for trout. Even for Grayling I used a weighted woolly worm and streamers. I tried dry flies on Grayling but never caught the size I did with subsurface. My favorite big Grayling fly was a Burlap Streamer.

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    Default Re: Trout and minnows

    Frank, ya that is one type. I got 4 patterns that use mylar tubing. Though I have a hard time finding the patterns in your pic, I've taken many perch and crappie on it. The other patterns I tie my self and have had mixed results with. Though I dont get out much these days with the smaller flies I got hops for next year. Do you have a site that you know of on how to tie those little guys. I only got a grey minnow and I've had to re appoxy him a few times and right now he dont look too good.
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    Default Re: Trout and minnows

    Don't know if you've seen this. It's not the exact same pattern but a good one (and you could modify using other material as the body, etc) with a link to nice epoxy tips at the bottom of the page: Fishing Fly Tying: step-by-step
    Here's what it should look like when done:

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    Default Re: Trout and minnows

    Not bad...I've tryed somthing similar but have not used the fox squirrel tail
    just somthing that I dont get very easily here. I got plenty of deer hair though. I've also tried somthing similar with pheasant and peacock but with not much luck...dont look as good. I'll have to see what I can do after seething this.
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    Default Re: Trout and minnows

    They can be great, especially for big browns this time of year as they do their spawning thing, and can be a good choice fishing for big fish in pools and lakes, and are a good bet when fishing high off colored water, and can be a good option in smaller sizes for streams when there isn't any insect activity going on.

    some stuff I've had a little luck with:

    Big black muddler minnows size 4 for big browns in Oct, land a good big trout fly for lakes, pools, swinging in big rivers and high water, or night fishing. I like to fish them unweighted on a sink tip with a short leader.

    Most times everything else is fished on a floater with a 9' leader:

    White Zonkers to imitate winter killed shad at tailwaters below dams

    Shushan Postmaster, Black Nosed Dace, are good imitations for smaller baitfish in streams in the NE, and stuff like Emerald Shiners are good for GL tribs, as are smelt imitations around lakes and their feeder/outlet streams in the Finger Lakes, Maine etc.

    Lil Brown/Brook/Rainbow Trout a series of 3 flies are good for cannibalistic browns in small streams with natural trout reproduction. Mostly for browns and rainbows.

    Muddler type stuff, Zoo Cougars etc. good big fish imitations where sculpins are around

    Mini muddlers size 12, are a good go to fly for beginners on small streams that can't cast. They can drop just it down stream and swing or twitch thru runs.

    Attractor type stuff like a Mickey Finn can be good for Landlocks, as well as stockers, and I've had some luck with a Trout Fin for Brookies.


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    Default Re: Trout and minnows

    Interesting. It is just that while I was down in Colorado I did most fishing with small size 0 mepps and 4 panthers. The one lure that I found to be a great lure for both stream and pond trout (bows and browns) was the Yo-Zuri Killi fish and Goby. They are small cranks, one floats the other sinks. They got a jointed tail. The one small stream we found was easy to get 12 or so fish for each person. My best day yup there was 18 fish. These though were all 5"-15". Nothing very big. The more reading of forums and such, I see that most use nymphs, buggers, or a type of dry fly. In the end I wonder why minnow imitators donít get more publicity. Or is it that most are fishing in areas of big trout that are too wary to hit such a thing? Though larger fish are going to at some point in their life turn over to having fish in their diets if they are going to continue to grow. The few fish that donít are mainly some Carps and a few other fish that spend most of their time filter feeding, but thatís another story.
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