Instructions and Pictures are courtesy of tob1.

The Rena-fly works well in a caddis hatch.
Dubbing body: Alpakka
Wing and hackle post: Polypropylene yarn
Hackle: Brown
Hot melted glue on post - pressed down with wetted finger.

1. The material list. Dubbing, polypropylene yarn, melting glue, hackle.

2. Dubb the body.

3. Place the yarn under the hook shank.

4. Secure the post and mount the hackle as a parachute.

5. Cut a small bit of the melting glue.

6. Place the small bit of glue on a needle. Melt it with a lighter.

7. Place the melted glue on the front of the post.

8. Wet your finger with your tongue. Press down the hot glue with your finger. You will not burn if you use saliva but you will burn if you use water on your finger.

9. Finished fly from side.

10. Finished fly from bottom.