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Thread: Zonkers

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    FFTOW Gray White:

    FFTOW Gray Black:

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    looking good bluebird---ive done the best on olive/olive or olive/gold for trout. had a head shaker on a olive/gold zonker in a deep hole of the AuSable a few weeks ago for about 2 seconds.
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    Nice looking zonkers! Are you using the Magic Tool to build the bodies?

    I caught a nice rainbow today on a white zonker.


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    shorthaul and mcnerney.. thanks...

    according to ffotw, the white/silver is supposed to be effective for carp fishing... I still have to try it out...

    Yes, I used the Magic Tool for the chenille like body... same problem.. can't split the thread so I use the spinning dubbing tool to twist them together. materials are flashbou and angel hair flash strips.

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    i been having a heck of a time making the mylar tube not fall part and these look like you solved the problem. I have to try some pearl flash chenille that will make a great body instead! thanks for the idea! also might try to use something red at the front for gills?
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    On another board I am on, a local guy I met was using the zonkers, then tieing in a white hackle. He would then use a red sharpie to give it gills. Pearl flash chenille works great. That's what I use. Hope that helps.

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    red gills... thats a great idea!! thanks...

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