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Thread: panfish flies

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    Default panfish flies

    looking for new panfish fly patterns!
    heres one of mine-

    I am sorry but the picture was too large and blowing out the Portal page. Please resize your photo and repost. It is a great looking fly and others will want to see. Make sure the photo is small enough that you can see the right side of the screen.

    Thanks, Frank

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    Default Re: panfish flies

    i tried resizing it, i hope it works.

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    That does look great. Would you might putting up some basic tying instructions?

    Also, how do you fish it? I could imagine throwing it into still water and hopping it back to me.

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    green dubbing
    copper wire
    black marabou
    grizzly hackle
    dumbell eyes
    white poly yarn

    (i have made this fly with many, many differnt combinations of materials)

    step 1: attach eyes by wrapping at angle in between each eye. i usually add a drop of fly head cement to secure the wraps.

    step 2: attach marabou right before the bend of the hook.

    step 3: tie on TWO strands of copper wire and cut off the excess.

    step 4: twist dubbing onto thread and wrap forward (make sure to leave a space between dubbing and eyes)

    step 5: wrap the copper wires forward in an evenly spaced pattern. tie off and trim excess.

    step 6: tie in a bundle of poly yarn where the dubbing ends.

    step 7: tie in the grizzly hackle

    step 8: twist more dubbing on the thread and wrap toward the head. wrap over and around the eyes to cover the middle with dubbing.

    step 9: wrap the hackle forward and tie off. trim the excess.

    step 10: trim the marabou and the poly yarn. now go fish it!

    i use this fly for bluegill and other panfish. i usually let it drop and then i do a jerk retrieve. i hope this helps! good luck fishing!

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    I see gills tearing that pattern up for sure! nice tie and tying instructions!
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    Default Re: panfish flies

    Hi rmooney,

    Thanks for reposting. You can go about twice the size you reposted. Take a look at these pictures. That will give us some more detail.


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