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  1. Default Winter time patterns?

    I would like some idea's for some pattern's used in the winter time that I could tie. These pattern's need to be somewhat easy. I am helping people who have just gotten into tying. I need idea's for different patterns. Does anyone have any suggestions? I

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    Default Re: Winter time patterns?


    Are you already tying Woolly Buggers? Lots of color combinations possible. The Hornberg is an easy pattern to tie, do you have a book that lists traditional streamer patterns?


  3. Default Re: Winter time patterns?

    Wooly Buggers are great. Other winter flies that are easy are midge adults. I don't know the name of the pattern but it is as simple as a black tapered thread body and z-lon wings tied in. Put a tail or two or a trailing shuck if you want to get creative. Size 18 or 20 where I live.

    Bead head hares ear nymphs and pt nymphs are always productive and easy to tie.

  4. Default Re: Winter time patterns?

    Ya, we are past the wooly bugger stage. Some of the people are farther than others. I think I will try some emerger patterns. We have done copperjohns and pheasant tail nymphs. Good idea with the streamers. Thank you.

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