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    just needs eyes but I am gonna get a few done and then use the epoxy. i just head cemented until then! I used the flyfishohio recipe for this one! took me like 20 mins or so but I am starting to get this stuff! heres a the olive pink and white steelhead vatiation. I tried using white thread this time and once I put on the eyes shouldn't be to noticable! the conehead makes the gap always. I tried not to but then the conehead wobbles around! this fly could prolly fish with out eyes its so dang cool! I am proud of myself hehe! I really need some mono thread tho! don't think fish will mind tho for the time being! when this thing gets wet it looks like a perfect minnow shape! sweet!!!

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    Default Re: E.P. steelhead fly

    Conehead, humm, where have I heard that before?

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    will ep fiber sink without weight? thats why I used a conehead? I thought since the stuff sheds water it would float like a dead fish and that those guys prolly used sinking lines with it? I am only using a size 6 streamer hook not those huge 1/0's they use in the recipeand floating line. I need to get it down like 5 feet at most on a swing
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    trimmed it up and wet it a lil. looks great! just needs some eyes before he fishes. I like the 3d effect these flies give off!
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    Hi George!
    Not that I think that the fish will mind the gap between the cone and the wing...

    In the spring issue of 2006, Mike Laskowski ties his Triple Threat.
    He ties the wing, belly and sides reverse style over the conehead, then he puts head cement on the butt ends and pushes the wing forward with a brassie hair packer so that the windings gets into the conehead and forces the wing to turn back over the hookshank.

    If you canīt get your hands on the magazine, please PM me, Iīm sure we can figure something out...

    / Christer

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    Hey George
    Try tying most of the material on the bottom side of the hook and it will ride hook point up and be almost weedless. I use a saltwater jiggy fly that is very similar. I sometimes wrap the shank with some lead wire right behind the cone to get a little faster sink. Nice tie !!

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    Default Re: E.P. steelhead fly


    Heres how i tie mine.

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    Bad link Try and look for jiggy fly

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