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    Post Green rock worm...

    Rock on...


    HOOK: TMC 2457 # 10-#16, Mustad CO68, #10-#16, Daiichi 1120, #10-#16

    THREAD: Gordon Griffith 14/0 Sheer, Black for deer collar...tied first

    UNDER/ABDOMEN: UTC thread, 70 Denier, Black

    OVER/ ABDOMEN: UTC HOLO Tinsel Medium, Silver

    WRAP: Hareline Edge Brite, Fl. Green. thin strip

    RIB: Lagartun, oval silk core, X=fine

    THORAX: Black Ostrich Herl

    BEAD: Gold or Black, appropriate size for hook

    COLLAR/HACKLE: Dyed Black Coastal Deer Hair

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    Default Re: Green rock worm...

    Interesting fly...
    must try some of this next season

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    Default Re: Green rock worm...

    Well done Sir, Well done! I think you'll find those to be a very good late season summer run fly. A Copper John, done with bright green wire, has been quite effective here on the Upper Rogue River.
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    Thats pretty cool I've never seen the hackle in front of the bead before. It looks like its just different enough to draw a strike when all other fail!
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