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Thread: single glue eggs, oregon cheese.

  1. Default single glue eggs, oregon cheese.

    made a few single eggs today to see if I can get the hang of it. not bad only had to cut one down and redo it! I had some trouble getting it round right away for about half of them but I dropped in the cold water anyways and dried um good then took a lighter and reheated the glue and spun them round and dropped them in the water again and it worked great. you can pound these things out! made this in about 10 mins or less! they look great for my 1st ones! might take a few and try to make some clusters! might have to use size 10 hooks for that tho instead of 12's. all ya got to do to make these is squeeze a drop of glue from the glue gun onto the hook and circle it quick with your gun to get the glue gun away from it with leaving a strand and twist the hook in some hemostats after you get the glue on the hook. when a roundish shape drop in cold water. then wait a 15 seconds and take it out and set to dry for a minute. you can reheat with a lighter as many times as ya want to re shape it better if needed. super simple once you get it down!! once I figure out the cluster I will make those and show ya those also!
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    today I tried to make some cluster eggs and they came out ok but it sure it harder than the singles!! also added some extra glue to the few eggs that weren't 5mm and fixed them up.. made some egg sucking leech setup's also. I will finish those up later and post um. heres some pix. the red bead is the 5mm bead and steelehad eggs are supposedly that big so i used that as a reference. what ya think?
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