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    Hey y'all,
    I don't have anything to tie flies with, nor do I have any knowledge about the things needed to tie flies... But I do have a question/idea.
    I don't know about where all of you live, but here in Missouri in the summertime, usually at dusk, there are tons and tons of lightning bugs or fireflies or whatever you want to call them. I'm sure you all know what they are, glowing butts and whatnot. I was wondering if anyone knew a pattern or knew where to buy some flies like this? I was also wondering if anyone had attempted to put some fluorescent material that would glow in the dark on the rear of a fly to imitate the lightning bug's glowing butt. lol I though it would be a pretty cool fly, whether it caught fish or not! haha. I would think that they would work pretty good here in the summer at the end of a long hot day. And the glow on the back would probably help out with catching some attention from a nearby fish...
    If you have some ideas on what kind of materials to get or have a pattern or know where to get some of these babies, it would be awesome to know where to get them.

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    Default Re: Lightning bug pattern?


    There’s a nymph pattern called a Lightning Bug, similar to a Pheasant Tail Nymph, which is different from what you’re looking for.

    But as far as glow in the dark material, there is a ton of it- yarn, flashabou and various powders that you can add to epoxy or varnishes.

    I've never used it, but some things you might consider using if you want to try tying some or can persuade a buddy to knock a few off for you:

    Flo Neon Flash- you can use a few strands and twist it to wrap around the shank of the hook for a body, and/or leave a loop of it for a tail (to find it on this link you’ll have to scroll down to section on flash near the bottom:
    New Stuff Materials

    Maybe better for you though is something like this glow yarn. You can create a loop of it for the tail and build a body, then add a foam top, like a foam beetle to get it to float:

    If you don't tie and can't put the arm on someone, another way to go might be to get a few small poppers or something and get some glow in the dark acrylic paint from a hobby store and just paint up a few.

    If you end up finding out that this is a new secret weapon, you may want to invest in a UV LED flashight, like a Photon UV LED keychain type deal to recharge them (it’ll work faster than a regular flash light) under 20 bucks, and there are more expensive ones if you really start bailing fish.
    Photon I Micro-Light® - Ultra Violet LED UV AUV

    Good luck, be sure to post pics----I guess you won't need a flash.


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    Default Re: Lightning bug pattern?


    Never saw a trout eat one. That does not mean that they don't just that I haven't witnessed it.

    I have traveled through Missouri many times on motorcycles and if memory serves me you folks also have some prolific may fly hatches that leave an inch or two of depth (in deceased flies) around the gas pumps. The flies are no doubt attracted to the lights at the gas stations and expire there before being able to return to the lakes and rivers from which they come. If you ask around you may find that these may flies will offer much better sport when used as a dry fly pattern than the firefly.



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    Hey hook, I grew up in Saint Joseph, Mo, about 45 minutes south of where you are know. Never tryed a lighting bug fly, thought about it once or twice but usally caught fish on other things so I never did it. You thinking for bluegill and bass?
    I have seen small lakes in my home state COVERD with big sulphers, and yes sir, the fish do eat em' I use to ty a big cream/yellow dry for when they were on and tore up bass,crappie,gills and even a few carp and cats with them.

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    Thanks guys, I don't know when I will finally tie one, if it happens... lol
    It was just an idea, random thought I had so I figured I would see if I was the only one with weird ideas. lol
    Bear, I usually go for bass or bluegill here in Maryville, doesn't really matter to me. But back home, I want to get some of them big catfish in our lake and some of the bigger bass and bluegill. I really want to try to get some of the HUGE carp we have!

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    Default Re: Lightning bug pattern?

    I have not seen 'Lightening Bugs' since I was a young kid growing up in Indiana back in the very early 70's. Moved to Utah in 74' and have never seen them here.

    Still remember mashing them all over my hands and showing everyone my glow in the dark hands. lol.

    Thanks for bringing back a good memory Horns.

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    LOL, we use to make a mud pie then catch lighting bugs and pinch the tail off and stick them around the edge and center to make a UFO and even the girls would pinch them off and stick it on their ear lobe to make glow in the dark ear rings.

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    Default Re: Lightning bug pattern?

    Oh to be a kid again......

  9. Default Re: Lightning bug pattern?

    No doubt

  10. Default Re: Lightning bug pattern?

    I know that we all did this, putting them in jars and making a lantern? Oh yeah. Good times. Thats what gave me the idea. Little sisters are good for something! lol

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