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    Default Your First Fly Tied, do you have it?

    I've been meaning to do this for a long time.
    These are the first and second flies I ever tied. (circa 1967)


    The photos aren't the greatest but you'll get the idea. I guess I wanted to tie a featherwing streamer the first time I opened that fly tying kit. I never used them (wonder why) and kept them in the box with the kit for all these years. The heads were not that good were they?

    Do you have your first fly that you tied? If so what was it (photo if you still have it) and how long ago was it?
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  2. Default Re: Your First Fly Tied, do you have it?

    Heck my first fly was Soooo many years ago and I am sure I didn't use ANY of the right materials. It was TERRIBLE, but it did catch fish! I just couldn't remember how I made it and it was totaled.

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    Default Re: Your First Fly Tied, do you have it?

    LOL, I am so new at this I still have mine

    My first attempt at a Griffith's Gnat

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    Default Re: Your First Fly Tied, do you have it?

    My first fly was a bass sized Woolly Bugger. I am not sure which one it was, but I haven't thrown any away. It was pitiful actually now that I look back. When I made it I thought it was good. This was mid Jan of 2008.
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    Default Re: Your First Fly Tied, do you have it?

    I still have the first and second fly I ever tied. The second fly I tied was some maraboo and some flash on a plastic, bass type hook. I made it up to try and get pike with it. Well the jaw bone of the pike was too much for this hook and the tip bend over when I tried setting into one. The frist I tried was similar but on a treble hook with one of the pints removed making it a 2 hook. This proved to be much better for hooking. Prob though the stuffs I had on it didnt stand up very well to the teeth of a pike.
    <*))))>< Fish with teeth ... If I ty it a fish will hit it

  6. Default Re: Your First Fly Tied, do you have it?

    Yeah, I still have mine.It was made out of black 6/0 thread and a feather I found on the ground. It was about two years ago, and I can't beleive I still have the thing, considering the shape of my tying station
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  7. Default Re: Your First Fly Tied, do you have it?

    I dont have the first one I tied but the one I wish I had was the first one I tied that caught a fish. It was a #18 Black and Copper beadhead midge with copper flash as a wing. I caught a small Brown on the Lower Owens with it. After I caught the fish I handed the rod to my 10yo son and he "donated" the fly to the bushes somewhere.

  8. Default Re: Your First Fly Tied, do you have it?

    Royal Coachman and i am sure i dont have it any more......

  9. Default Re: Your First Fly Tied, do you have it?

    I'm new to tying. My first fly, if you could call it that, was a red san juan worm. I used a pair of hemos as a vise and wrapped the chenille with the spool of thread in my hand.
    A fish got it, or a rock, or shrub, something.

  10. Default Re: Your First Fly Tied, do you have it?

    somewhere on this forum is my 1st ever tied fly. boy it sucked bad. was supposed to be a gold ribbed hares ear. but ended up looking more like a ball of fur... let me see if I can find it!
    hahahah!! there it is. wow what a tie! didn't even have the right thread. think I used regular sewing thread and it was all thickhahah! I don't have it anymore. or maybe I do. I got a junk box that I need to go through and cut down to reuse the hooks. fun to look back...
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