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Thread: bloodworm cluster

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    Default bloodworm cluster

    tell me what you think!!!
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    Default Re: bloodworm cluster

    That is an interesting looking fly, just might be on to something. It's definately worth trying out! Keep us posted I'd be interested in hearing what you think after trying it on the water.


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    Default Re: bloodworm cluster

    yeah it is a different style. i was making san juans and bloodworms, and while i was looking for pics of live bloodworms i read somewhere that they often tangle up. they had a picture of a person holding 6 or 7 in a clump and i thought "what fish could resist 6 worms with one bit" lol

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    VERY WELL DONE! I saw an article last year about the worm clusters and made some up myself....sorry to say, haven't caught anything on them yet. But RUN OFF!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: bloodworm cluster

    those are great! ive never given san juans a chance, but im hoping these will produce some fish. burnt ultra chenille looks very realistic when wet

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    looks good to me! now its up to the fish to decide!
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    I hear people talk about how great SJW's are and I just never got it. Maybe I never gave them a chance, but last year during run-off, we had some friends from the Fiberglass forum stop by to fish the PROVO.
    Water was high and fast. We had a couple of nibbles on some small yellow soft hackles, but I stood and looked, then thought, if ever there was a time to try a worm, now is it. They must be rolling and tumbling along the bottom, so I put a red one on the end and came up about 18" with a tag and put a tan one on with ONE "BB" size split shot between them.

    Let's just say, I am a believer now, but there is a time when and when not to use them. This was a when.

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    Default Re: bloodworm cluster

    Hmmmmm.... This is an interesting idea.

    In the spring here in the Northeast in SW, we get a "hatch" of cinderworms aka clam worms. They're marine worms (Nereis) that pop out of mud bottoms at low tides by the gazillions all at once to spawn. Fishing can be really tough in such a "target rich" environment, and the water can turn pink with them when they really get going.

    Maybe an "orgy imitation" like this might catch some eyes.

    I'll have to give it a try.


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    I can see it now...they will be so effective the fish and game people will limit it to only two per hook

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    Default Re: bloodworm cluster

    Nice Tye....Looks similar to a wax worm imitation I have seen used in PA and OH.


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