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  1. Default congo hair clousers

    made these using the congo hair from fly tyers dungeon its $1 a pack compared to ep fibers that are 7 bux and is basically similar. here are some in olive/pink/white, and silver/white, and all black. am gonna make more cause I got a few more colors to use.
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    Default Re: congo hair clousers

    Very nice...that congo stuff looks good to me. I got something that I use for clousers and a few other patters but its more plastic and thicker. This stuff looks to be thinner and more hair like. If you would not know it, you could pass the stuff off with buck or elk hair mixed
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  3. Default Re: congo hair clousers

    I highly suggest this congo hair! also get some watersilk and congo hair blended together! watersilk its even a silkier and shinier hair and its also a dollar too. 3 bux shipping and ya can't lose! ya can get 7 colors of congo hairs, water silks or blends of either of um all for the price of 1 pack of ep fibers and you can make ep minnows out of this stuff too and you get alot! also they have flashaboo and krystal flash for likw $1.50 too! the flash used in these is the pearl widow flash. looks like angel hair! also the h20 twist flash is the same as krystal flash. you can even get real hair like deer,elk! a big huge piece for like 1 dollar! my buddy got some and he was amazed at the amount he says its liek 2 times what ya get at a store for like 5 bux!! fly tyers dungeon ain't no joke! i'll tell ya that! for anyone trying ot get into tying and don't have alot of money go here! a 6 pack of dubbing is only $2.50 and others can be as low as 75 cents a pack! heres a link! you can pay by using paypal Fly Tying Materials | Fly Tying Recipes | Fly Tying Supplies | Fly Tyers Dungeon | Fly Tying Supplies | Saltwater Fly Tying Materials
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    Default Re: congo hair clousers

    great clousers! the proportions look really good!

  5. Default Re: congo hair clousers

    ya this stuff is easier than bucktail to get your proportions right. you can clip it to shape even after its done and tied like a ep minnow. I like bucktail too tho but I heard this stuff has more movement. bucktail ain't to hard to get right either tho as long as ya measure it up before ya tie it in. my problem is always trying not to crowd the eye. for some reason thats my biggest problem.
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    Default Re: congo hair clousers

    If you crowd the eye, which all of us have done at times...get a carterizer. (sp?) I am trying out different stuff myself when I can. I love the congo hair look, and know I will order some one day soon. I like making baitfish patterns with Steve Farrar Flash Blend, EP 3D fibers etc... I just started doing this. Congo hair is more in my price range
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  7. Default Re: congo hair clousers

    I too have purchased items from FTD. I bought one of FTD Christmas boxes & have not yet tried the Congo hair, or Water silk. What patterns besides the Clouser do you use these materials ? I have not attempted to tie anything yet with these materials, so any help would be appreciated.

    Your Clousers look great. What species do you target most with that fly ? I've never tied any, or used any of that fly. Since they are a weighted fly are you using a heavier rod to cast them ? What about leader, especially if you use them for Walleye. ( I've read Walleye like Clousers. )


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    Default Re: congo hair clousers

    The flies and that material do look pretty great. My only concern with them is that if the material is that much softer than bucktail, you may get into issues with it fouling on the hook too much. You'll also want to make sure you're tying it in extremely well and possibly adding some adhesive to help the thread grip that slick synthetic fiber.

    The two main things bucktail has going for it is its natural taper and slight flare at the base. The taper means its stiffer close to where its tied in and thus a bit less likely to foul, while still being very pliable and wispy out at the tip. Its tendency to flare at the base means that the thread squashes it a bit where its tied in and helps the thread grip it better.

    I'm not trying to say its superior to the congo stuff, just explaining part of why its not obsolete.

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  9. Default Re: congo hair clousers

    just made some using olive and white this time with green flashabou lateral line.
    thanks for the tip big cliff. i was worried about the fouling myself and also the sinkability. tried one out last time out and no fouling whatsoever and it sinks very fast and also if you give it a few false casts it sheds water very well and dries out! all for $1 too. it has some stiffness to it but the water silk is not so stiff but if you get it blended with the congo hair the congo helps stiffins it up some. also kelkay asked what else this material can be used for. it can also be used to make E.P style minnows, the clousers like I just made or just about any other style minnows you want to make. anyone else got any other ideas what else it can be used for?
    oh and I have targeted bass and steelhead and also bluegill with this fly. I even caught a carp on it too! clousers will catch any fish that eats minnows.
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    Default Re: congo hair clousers

    move the eyes back further for a clouser to perform right, to many tiers tie the eye way to forward..
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