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Thread: Mylar Minnows

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    Default Mylar Minnows

    The second pattern I have been working on is different ways of using Mylar stuffs for minnows. These are being tied on size 8-2 hooks with some being long shank. I do make smaller ones but the pictures of them donít turn out very well. I plan on using these for bass and pan fish (if it ever thaws). The second pic with the wild looking minnow with a pink tail is somthing I made while playing with epoxy.
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    you are really closing up the hook gap and may miss some hook ups other than that they look great. the one to right of the penny looks best.

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    those little ones would do great for spring crappies

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    Yes I do agree with the fact the hook/body gap is kinda small. Thing is though the body is thin and just off centered. The pics dont show it I guess but there should be no prob hooking with these. Plus they are a first gen and I do plan on making more. With that in mind, making the mody a bit smaller to add a bigger gap may be needed.
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    Default Re: Mylar Minnows

    Those are cool, they look like little fish, how do they act when you are fishing them (I mean do they swim upright as you retrieve or swing them)

    I have tied mylar bodies and used them in the surf at Seward hoping that they would be the best producer based on the flash factor but have not caught a fish on one. That is not to say that in another location they wont produce. I will try again this year because they sure seem to look like a silver minnow darting through the water.

    Nice work

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    The big thing is these must have a hard body to get them to swim right. If they are too soft they take on water and who knows what they will do. THough most of these I made this winter, (we're still froze up up here) the ones I have used worked really great. Stayed right and looked good to me. One thigs I would do later if having probs is add just a little weight on the front to get the nose to swim down. But ive been working on other smaller mylar minnows that I think will work just as good and prob look better...more of a thin long shape over these shad like bodies.
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    Default Re: Mylar Minnows

    got a recipe for these bad boys?

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    Default Re: Mylar Minnows

    So if they are tied correctly do they swim upright or on their side? I was playing with some patterns such as the crease minnow but it seems they need a bit of weight in the bottom of the foam body to work properly, how are these?

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