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    Default Little Winter black Stonefly Nymph

    the major January/February bugs in the river here are midge, little black stones, tiny bwo's.

    I've always had problems getting an imitation stonefly pattern much smaller than #10. there are several impressionistic patterns using softhackle and such but I've always like the biots for tails legs and antena for my stones. In the past I've tried swiss straw for the wing casing but its such a pain working with it so small.

    So I tried something else, much easier, I like it and three rainbows in two hours yesterday also liked it. So, heres a step by step. I've also added some other tricks that help me with tying small.


    Little Black Stonefly #12

    Tail - Black goose biot
    Body - Black Mink
    ribbing - fine black or brown wire
    Flash back - black flashaboo or small gold tensil
    Thorax - Goose biot and Mink
    legs/antena - black goose biot

    Start with a counter wrapped lead, counter wrapped lead is easier to cover with thread and locks into place a bit easier. once you get the lead covered pretty well, flatten it with hemo's...this keeps the side profile thinner.

    Make a dubbing ball behind the hook barb and lay in the biots right at the barb tip. If you simply catch the biot with the thread with a single wrap then you can adjust it where you like including length and then a wrap behind (hook bend side) of the original wrap plus two more in front for four total wraps. lay in the next biot and repeat. Now some like to side mount biots but for this fly you need to learn to put them on top of the hook.

    Wrap the biot ends up to the lead

    The led has a sizable edge so I like to help fill that in by pulling the biot ends back toward the hook bend and putting a couple wraps around it then trim off the biot ends about halfway between the lead and the tail biots. clean up the taper with your thread.

    Add the wire rib possitioned down the top of the hook, tie in the flashaboo when wrapping back toward the tail.

    Dub to the point you want the first pair of legs and pull the flashaboo strands up the back...I like to lay them a little towards me instead of right on you wrap the ribbing, the flashback moves over to the top center.

    Wrap the ribbing

    The flattened lead helps in placing the legs. Wrap in the leg biots much the same way I described the tail biots...

    Heres the new part. Were going to create the wing casing from the biot ends. Fold back the bottom biot (one you put on first) and hold it with one wrap. Then fold back the other biot and wrap a couple times to hold.

    The two boits form a V...trim them just above that V.

    Wrap a very small amount (two wraps) of thin dubbing and
    Repeat for the next pair of legs....your still on top of the flattened lead so...

    Finish off by adding the antena and shaping the head with the tread...tie off.

    Thats it...small but simi realistic.

    Now most little black stone fly nymps are actually tanish with dark casings, legs etc...for some I use brown wire for ribbing and gold tensil instead of black flashaboo.

    main point is that when these get real small, the goose biot makes good casings.

    tight lines all.

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    Default Re: Little Winter black Stonefly Nymph

    Awesome job. I've been trying to get a good black stonefly pattern that looked realistic. Thanks for the step by step. I'll be trying this tomorrow.

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    Default Re: Little Winter black Stonefly Nymph

    JJ: That is a great looking stonefly and the step-by-step was awesome! Thanks for sharing!


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    Default Re: Little Winter black Stonefly Nymph

    If I were fishen nymphs this winter on PA. spring creeks I would be copying that!

    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Default Re: Little Winter black Stonefly Nymph

    JJ, Very cool I like the idea of using the biot butts for the wing case, I have seen it done with thin skin but this looks more buggy, I will need to do some of these

    "the fight is for habitait. Once its continuation is assured the fish will largely look after themselves." KD

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    Default Re: Little Winter black Stonefly Nymph

    Great stone JJthanks for the step by step.

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    Default Re: Little Winter black Stonefly Nymph

    Nice looking stonefly nymph, Jonathan.

    Here in the Poconos, little black stones are the first thing that comes back to life in the Spring. But, they're little; really little; #18 little. I use a black dyed pheasant tail nymph as an imitation, but I like your pattern much better. Working biots down to that size will be challenging for me, but I'm going to give it a try.

    Nice idea with the biot wing casing!


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    Default Re: Little Winter black Stonefly Nymph

    Nice JJ, Im going to tie some up for my winter fishing.


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    Default Re: Little Winter black Stonefly Nymph

    Great job and an excellent imitation -- like Pocono mentioned that's one of the first winter hatches around here (they're also smaller here too around size 18)--- it looks like it might be a good winter steelhead pattern too for some of the GL tribs.

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    Default Re: Little Winter black Stonefly Nymph

    Thanks all, I know everyone has a stonefly pattern and its been over posted...but I thought the ease of using the biot for the wing casings was worth sharing.

    I'll tie up an eighteen and ...I'll also post other color variations so you can see those.

    I hope the trick works as well for the smaller hooks...we'll see.

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