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Thread: Left overs

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    OK, so awhile back we talked about a snake pattern and I ordered some tails and heads to ty some. They come in a 3 pack I belive maybe 5. I used one of the heads to make a popper and had a tail leftover. Setting at my desk last night I looked up and seen the tail and thought what am I gonna use that thing for, this is what I came up with.
    Hook- Mustad 340111 1/0
    thread-black kevlar
    Body- blue rabbit
    Tail- black snake tail
    eyes- chrome x-large dumbell eyes
    I layed a thraed base and then cut about 1/3 of the thick end of the tail off
    after tying on I tied the eyes in and used a few dropps of Zap-A-Gap on each
    after letting that dry I tied in the rabbit fur and wrapped it around the hook and eyes, finnished the head and put a little cement on and it was done.
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    Bear: Pretty cool looking pattern!


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    I like it too. Let us know the test results.

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    Thanks guys, I'll let ya know what it does. The only thing I can see bad is that the tail is twisted with copper wire so its kinda stiff. I have a couple snake flies that the tail is alot more supple, I would like to find some more tails like that and ty this fly.

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    Nice stuff...I find that when Ive been tieng for a while the leftover stuff can make some nice stuff.
    <*))))>< Fish with teeth ... If I ty it a fish will hit it

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    Thanks, yeah the left overs can make some cool stuff for sure

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