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ChrisinselwynNZ 01-28-2011 12:18 AM

Dads Favorite step by step
The Dads Favorite (for the dry fly swap)

I have done a step by step for this fly because I have recently (in the last year) started tying duns diffrently. while reading a streamer book I came across this method and belive it is fairly easy to get good results with it, and I havnt seen it anywhere else.


Hook - #14 - #20 light dry fly hook
Tail - Furnace cock
Body - striped eye quill well marked
Wing - Mallard quill
Hackle - Furnace cock

1. Tie in the tail using some of the hackle feather you will use latter

2. form an even under body as slim as possable, tie in the stripped quill feather at the tail. The trick with stripped peacock quill is to keep it wet while you work with it;), wind the quill on make shure that there is no overlap or it wont be two toned colour and will look un-segmented

3. Tie on the duck quill, make shure that the fibers are crushed evenly.

4. Trim the butt off the feather, and form the throax over the butts. it needs to be even this is where the hackle will finish.

5. pull the wing back and build a small thread dam infront of it to hold it slighty advanced (you will see why latter;))

6. Tie the hackle feather on in front of the wing. Note the wing is spread with out thread wraps it sits here naturaly, you can seperate it more if needed.

7. Wrap the hackle no more than 5 turns and at least 2 (it pays to use your best for small mayflys). Tie it off and advance the thread through the hackle, form a head with no inital wraps just a three turn whip finish cement

8. Note that the wings are upright and look barely advanced the shadow cast will fool very choosey trout


mcnerney 01-28-2011 09:20 AM

Re: Dads Favorite step by step
Chris: Very nice work on the step-by-step, thanks for sharing!


jpbfly 01-28-2011 10:34 AM

Re: Dads Favorite step by step
Nice fly Chris;)looking forward to testing the one from the swap.:)

Pocono 01-28-2011 07:07 PM

Re: Dads Favorite step by step

Nice pattern and sbs. Looks like a great dry pattern!


ChrisinselwynNZ 01-30-2011 01:02 AM

Re: Dads Favorite step by step
Thanks Guys


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