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Thread: Flies for Dirty Water

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    I recently went to one of my favorite streams after a night of rain. The water was high, fast, and dirty. I used a black wooly bugger most of the day with little luck. I would like to put together a "dirty" water box just for these conditions. What kind of flies and sizes should I put in this box?

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    I think under those conditions I would catch up on things that need done around the house. You would have to put a large fly right under their nose to get a hit and then fish only along the edges of the stream. Personally, I'm not sure the effort is worth it? That's just my opinon. (And I'll fish in just about any conditions!)
    "I fish because I love to; because I love the environs where trout are found; because trout do not lie or cheat and cannot be bought or bribed or impressed by power, but respond only to quietude and humility and endless patience...because only in the woods can I find solitude without lonliness..." Robert Traver 1964 (Judge John Voelker)

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    I struggle in high, fast, dirty water (as I am sure most people do). A black bugger is a good fly. I've also had luck with white and green marabou zonkers.

    I pretty much stick with streamers and big, bead head nymphs.

    What I prefer to do is fish stillwater when the moving water is chocolate, but I know that is not what you were asking for.

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    Waste of time? It might not be a fourty fish day but definitely not a waste of time but worth while around here we have the giant salmon flies so My box has size ten to two of sofa pillows same size prince nymph black and orange buggers white buggers zonkers pretty much any thing that is not big but is huge sinks fast and is bright My thinking is that fish still have to eat and they have to work harder to eat so any thing that half way looks like food they slam but please be careful I have already herd two stories were mother nature won and have been dunked twice My self its not worth it to try to get to a spot that looks good

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    Try using large bright colored flies. Tell me how you did next time out.

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    Another tactic that I have used with some success is dredging. I don't know if that is the proper term or not, but that is what I call it.

    Dredging involves usually two flies and decent sized piece of lead. The lead is at the end of the line and the flies are up from the lead. The weight will bounce along the bottom and the flies will usually stay just off of the bottom in the feeding lane.

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    As I only fish on dry or nymph...when waters are high and dirty I use black flies or nymphs and I prospect as a priority less deep areas near the banks where the stream is slowed down.But fishing is not an exact science...I learnt it to my cost for I once betted a bottle of Champagne I would manage to catch a trout in such waters and...couldn't.I was young and presumptuous...that was a good lesson to me

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    One of the flies Ive read about was a silver Caddis, which is a caddis tied with a red tag, foil body, and a black/brown Throax, I have not yet had a chance to try it out, most of my rivers dont flood with dirty water

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    As said earlier, I also like to pound the banks or dredge the bottom. I like black with maybe a little flashabou. The other day while fishing the North Fork of the South Platte the river was very dirty. The hot fly was the chamois San Juan worm. Fishing the SF of the Snake with Davo the other day with the river running at 13k cfs (high but not what I would call dirty) we found that a white zoo cougar was the hot fly.


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    San Juan Worm. Big ones.

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