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    Just got my first kit in the mail today tottaly excited to start! I have been reading as much as I can for the past 3 months or so and got it all spined out and scotch taped up to start glueing the real seat and the cork tommorow! One thing I did not read or come accross any were on line is my blank looks more like an arrow like no finish on it no glossy look like my factory rod now has is this something that is not standard on all rods or is this something I have to put on?



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    quick answer!

    It's an unsanded blank, not better or worse... just not sanded
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rip Tide View Post
    quick answer!

    It's an unsanded blank, not better or worse... just not sanded
    Quick Thanks!

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    and leave it that way. basically apply thread finish only to the wraps and ferrules and winding check area.

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