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    I'm going to see some relatives that live right on the bank of the Greenbriar River in WV.

    My question: Is a 5wt heavy enough for decent size smallies? I plan on fishing mostly streamers using furled leaders and 6lb flouro tippets. Streamers are #4-#8.
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    That will work fine for you...


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    Your rod is excellent with a 4x tippet. Early and Late are the best times. Oz for oz you won't catch a fish thats fights any harder

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    I love smallmouth fishing, and used a 5wt for several years on the Schuylkill
    River in Pennsylvania. A 14" smallie was a monster there, and I never had
    a problem. I did tend to stick with 3X leader: breakoffs became rare, and
    they turn over a beadchain clouser better (for me).

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    I have some 3X tippet but I was going to use the floro instead....I did another thread precisely about this issue as I've seen some hook size/tippet guides state that 3X is good for #6, then others say 2X is better. My 6lb floro lands someplace in there, so I figured I use it.

    I used to pre-tie my floro into leaders for in-line spinners before I caught the fly fishing disease. PITA to tie knots in, you just have to choose the knots carefully.
    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    What manner of jackassery will I be subjected to today?

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    I use a 4 wt with 3 ft of 8# mono to 3 ft of 6# mono as leader for the majority of my smallmouth fishing.

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    Whether a 5wt is enough for smallies depends on their size and the current you'll be dealing with. But with moderate fish fighting skill, it should do just fine.

    You'd be wise to keep the tippet at 3x or weaker to keep from breaking your 5wt.

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    I got a 5wt tfo pro and it works great for smallies around here.
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    I hit the Greenbriar River in WV this past weekend. Caught seven smallies on my 5wt. Used exclusivly streamers. Micky Finn, Bead Head Wooly Boogers, and Black Ghost.

    Largest was 7-8", the smallest was 4". No pics, tho, sorry.

    The floro worked exceedingly well. I'll remember that for my streamers.
    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    What manner of jackassery will I be subjected to today?

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    I'll be on the Green Briar and the New rivers at the end of July. Hope to add 10 inches to those lengths though... Smallest fish we caught last year was about 15 inches. But they were all right around 15 - 17 inches, nothing bigger...

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