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Thread: Help in the Bozeman/Livingston area

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    I'm planning a trip for mid-August. We have 3 guys from GA none of which have ever been to MT before. We got cheap plane tickets to Billings, are renting a van, and packing a tent for 4 nights. We plan to drive over to the Bozeman/Livingston area and are looking for reccomendations on which rivers/streams to fish. I'm looking for ample camping areas, Wading access, and of course trout!

    Thanks in advance for any advice you guys are willing to share.

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    Madison, Yellowstone, Upper Gallatin, Bighole, Beaverhead, Ruby, Boulder. All are good choices, and with the exception of the upper gallatin, all have a good chance of putting out a 5lber. The upper gallatin is nice because of the scenery, and because on a good day, there are lots of fish to be caught.

    I would check this website around the time you leave, they offer pretty good fishing reports, and are pretty honest when a river shuts down and quits producing.
    Montana Troutfitters

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    thanks for the info

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    What kind of fishing are you looking for? I'm pretty much a dry fly guy, so that's what I look for. Paradise valley (yellowstone out of the park) gets you hopper fishing on the yellowstone, although this is easier done from a boat, smaller stream fishing in Mill Creek/Big Creek/Tom Miner Creek. It also gets you reasonably close to fishing in YNP, which would include terrestrial fishing on the Lamar, possible hatches on Slough Ck, Likely mid afternoon hatches on Soda Butte, attractors on the Gardiner, along with other small streams in the park. There are some lakes in the park to fish, but I personally don't do much stillwater fishing. Lakes in Paradise valley are pretty much fee fishing. Speaking of fee fishing, the 3 spring creeks outside of livingston should fish well then too, but its $100/day. Bookings in August aren't too hard to get. The camping out of the park is cheaper, and probably easier to get. There are campgrounds in Paradise Valley at Pine Creek, Mill Creek (snowflake?), Yankee Jim (right on the Highway), Tom Miner Basin, as well as right on the Yellowstone (Mallard's rest, Grey Bear (Down from LIvingston), KOA at Pine Creek, etc.) .

    Let me know what you're looking for and I may be able to help a little more.


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