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Thread: Rod for Ross CLA?

  1. Rod for Ross CLA?

    I've got my eye on the CLA (link below), which weighs in at 4.7oz. I need a decent rod to balance it out and was hoping for suggestions. I'm not considering anything over $200 and one option I had in mind was a TFO. Also was wondering if there are any used or closeout rods on sale. I'd definately be interested.


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    Hi Marv,
    You want to pick your rod first, and then go for a reel. In most freshwater,
    5wt type stuff, the reel is a distant second in importance. What do you want
    to fish for, and will you be fishing small streams, rivers, lakes, or all of the
    above? Truly small streams can be done with an 8' 4wt; bigger streams a
    8'6"-9' 4wt or 5wt; rivers and lakes can be done with a 9' 5wt-6wt. That's
    all for trout, smallmouth and largemouth under 18", and all the other little
    fishies. Bigger largemouth, pike, etc, call for bigger flies and rod weights.

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    The TFO Pro is a great rod. comes in at 149.95 most places. I consider it a fast action rod, but I am still perfecting my cast. I have the 4wt. wish it came with a rod tube though. Like Frank said, 5wt and under, the reel isnt so important, its just there to hold the line.

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