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    Well everyone I actually got out fly fishing today. Now Im from an area that has few areas for trout so this little blurb will NOT be about trout. What it is about is a great day catching old Mr Snaggle Tooth the pike. As many of you may know I fish a lot for pike and ty many patterns for pike. This day starts out with a semi warm day of about 75-77 degrees a light wind from the south and a little known spot that has been till this point shut down. I live in North may have heard about the flood we had up here this year. I like in an area that was hit hard by the water. Here in our state we actually have only 3 natural lakes. The rest are impoundments. This means many dams around the area. I live close to 2 of the better known ones for fishing. In an area that is big into walleye many people could care less about fish like pike, musky, bass, and other fun fish to catch no matter what your using. They only care about eyes, crappie, and perch. Though my fishing partner and myself spend a lot of time looking for old marble eye, we spend a great deal of time chasing big fish no matter what they be. Our lakes up here do very well for fishing and have a trend to produce several big pike every year. I myself have taken a large number of pike in that 32 inch or larger range. Today I was on one of these lakes that from time to time have fishing that would make anyone take notice. The thing is this year with all the water comes a lot of destruction and repair. Right now the main path to get to the outlet of the one lake is closed so they can repair the road that crosses the dam. I know a way that comes around the back side and has access to this place. I took my 9wt Cabela’s XST equipped with a Cabela’s xss2 real. Up to this point the combo has worked beautifully for me even nabbing a 39 inch pike up in Canada with it a few years ago. I figured with the amount of water that came through this dam this summer that there would be some nice pike in there...though I was not ready for what happened. I started fishing with a jig and gulp (GULP simply great), the first cast hit the water but failed to fall to the bottom. Needless to say a pike hit the jig and left me with a broken line. I adjusted a few things and started fishing again. I managed to take several other fish on a jig/gulp with several small perch as well. After a few fish in the low 30 inch range I switched to a fly. The fly produced several pike. I then picked up on a pattern. The fish were moving in such a way that if I was to go down stream and cast a fly up toward the dam. The fish really picked up on this as well hitting a bunny fly like it was gold. Then my heart broke. After a long cast and stripping just a little bit of line a fish hit. Zing went the line as I set the hook...but something else happened. As I set the hook my xss2 real popped off the rod. So there I am, rod wedged between my hand and the reel. I had to hold the real with my finger tips as I held as best I could to the rod. After what seamed like a long , long fight I landed a monster pike, measuring out to 41 inches. After the fish was released back into the water, I looked at the real. What happend was the threads of the screws that held the real on the real seat gave way. I was no longer able to attack the real onto the rod. Though the real is no longer able to be used the rod is fine. I talked with Cabela's and they are willing to refund both the rod and real, but they are on back order and will not be able to get one out to me till October. With talk of frost possability next weak my fishing days will be over and hunting will begin. I am glad I had the opertunity to hit the water today with the fly rod even though it ended up in a break. I have to thank the people at Cabela's for the help they provided. Looks like I'll be trying to pull in them old snaggle tooth with my 5wt until next year.
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    Cool story, sorry to hear about you reel but a least cabelas is willing to replace it, and you got into fish. I would rather break a rod on a fish then in thecar Good luck to you this hunting season, Im getting ready myself!!!

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    Thats good that Cabellas is going to replace the reel. Cabellas has always stood by their stuff.

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    Good news, bad news, good news situation. Too bad about your luck, except for the 41" part, glad Cabela's is going to take care of you on it. Good luck with your hunting, coming here very soon.


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    Sorry to here about your reel-- it's great that cabelas will make good on it---but that pike was worth it!

    Great job, and a great story.


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    Great story and nice catch. Now you can tell everyone the pike was so big, he blew your reel up! Most of my outdoor gear is Cabelas. They have an awesome return policy.

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