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    Has anybody had a chance to play with the redington classic trout rods?
    I am in the market for a 9' 4WT and a smaller 3-4WT thinking a punchier rod would be better for the shorter rod. thanks guys

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    I had a chance to cast the NorCal Redington rep's CT samples a couple of months ago. I casted the 9' 5 weight 4 piece rod and the 8' 3 weight 6 piece rod. If you like slower rods, these rods should work for you. I like medium-fast to fast rods. I had to back my casting stroke way down.

    The 8' 3 weight 6 piece CT is a smooth rod. It tracks well at short to medium distances in which it was intended. If you need to stretch the distance beyond 30 feet, tracking isn't as straight. In regards to punch, there are better rods in the Redington line up for that. The 8' 3 weight 4 piece RS4 has the additional punch that you might be looking for.


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