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Thread: Vest or Chest.....

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    Default Vest or Chest.....

    In looking at various gear on the market it got me wondering if packs or vests are preferrable for different conditions.

    In voting the poll, please add if you fish fresh, salt or both....



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    Right now I have a vest I fish with. But with as hot is it is right now I am thinking of a chest pack.

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    i to use a vest. haven't ever tried a chest pack. got my vest cheap off of ebay. so that's what i use.

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    I have a Browning Fishing vest I've used for tubing for years. It's low on my list of gear to replace or get right now.

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    I have a pack I got from, guess where, the full creel. I have never looked back!

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    Well, this is a difficult question for me. I have used in the pass the typical Kaki fly vest (that I believe everyone starts out with), to tech vests, to chest packs. I've as of yet found anything that I'm truely happy with.

    The last three times, I've been out fly fishing I have taking an old fanny pack or bum bag as you Brits call it. For the streams that I usually visit water is never above my waist so that has never been a concern. The fanny pack that I have has two bottle holders and enough room to put about 5 fly boxes and all the fly fishing gear that you need with room for a snack if you like.

    I'm currently, looking at the William Joseph Emerger, Fishpond Waterdance Guide pack and my girlfriend got me the Orvis Safe passage fanny pack that was in their closeout store for half price. I'll try it and let you know what I think next week after my trip to the LMF River. I'm really eyeing the WJ Emerger??? We'll see soon.

    Maybe, we can get Steve to add the option Fanny Pack as a choice to choose from in the poll. Steve, is that possible?

    "Many men go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after"
    Henry David Thoreau

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    Default Re: Vest or Chest.....

    Does anyone feel that the chest packs that store gear on the sides away from the center of the body get in the way of casting or any other activity?


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    since I won the fishpond guide pack in the photo contest,my vest and chestpack have been unloaded and put away ,possibly for far the best pack I have ever used!!Anyone looking for a vest or chest pack should defenitly look into this great product!!
    tight lines

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    I also own the Loon Outdoors Maxi Bandolero which I guess you could consider a sling or creel pack. It was OK. It just did not hold all the stuff that I wanted to carry.
    The Full Creel I believe carries it as well as the William Joseph Creel. If your lucky enough maybe you'll win it from the NAFFF Monthly Prize drawing. Or maybe on second thought I could win it and try it out. Although not likely!

    Hope this helps.
    "Many men go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after"
    Henry David Thoreau

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    Darn good question... and one that's no so easy to answer for me. It depends on exactly what I'm doing. I have a vest and a chest pack... both loaded and ready to go.

    Most rivers and streams that I fish don't require a lot of thought or very much gear. So, I'll use my chest pack most of the time. Occasionally, when I fish a more complex and bigger river, that may have a multitude of different hatches, I will use my vest because I can carry more stuff and a lot more flies.

    So, I take a chest pack on my small streams and Lower Mt. Fork fishing trips and my vest when I fish big water like say... the San Juan River.

    Now... I'm kinda like Terry. I have yet to find the ideal chest pack or the ideal vest. But, I'm still looking.

    When it comes to chest packs, there is a lot to choose from. Again it depends on exactly what you need and to some extent what your budget will allow. I think the best value for a chest pack today is the Loon Outdoors Maxi Bandolero. For only $22 its hard to beat. The size is just right for most applications... but it can get pretty small pretty fast. The next chest pack that I'll get for myself will likely be the Fishpond Windwalker. I've tried some on at my shop and I really like it. But, it may be a little too big. However, that extra space can come in handy when I'm hiking a few miles to the creek and need to take a sandwich or a rain protection with me.

    I'm almost due a new vest. When I get one, it will be the new William Joseph vest. That thing is super nice.

    Anyway... Most of the time, I will opt for my chest pack.

    But you know what else works???... That little purple bag that comes with a bottle of Crown Royal.

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