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    Think of quitting a hobby? I hunt Mule Deer, Sage grouse, pheasant, pigeons, ducks, geese and also did some taxidermy, I fish both fly fish and spinning I also tie flies. I am getting a bow and plan on hunting with it this fall, I am also going ice fishing this weekend. I just have to many hobbies. But right after the duck hunt this year I just wanted to sell all my stuff I have what's the problem?

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    My wife is constantly ribbing me over my hobbies... Mule Deer, Duck, Fishing, Camping, etc... The way I look at it, my hobby is being outdoors so it's one hobby just many facets... plus duck hunting gets me from deer hunting to spring fishing and summer camping... what else are we going to do with all the seasons in a year?

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    I have been down that road so many times the pavement is wore out i know exactly what your talkin about..i have done all kinds of stuff with hunting and fishing and i have found that i do love to do them all but i really gravitate toward the water.......i am a pretty big hunter as well and have bowhunted for years...its very addicting as well but i will say i have gotten rid of all the bowhunting stuff i have and have really pretty much kept all of my guns though but going back to fun fishing....i used to d oa lot of bass fishing had a sweet bass boat and did a ton of tournaments and was sponsored by a lot of great reputiable companys....but i just got so burnt out on it all i have gotten rid of the boat and jsut fish for fun and do what i enjoy
    also it is hard with so many hobbies for me to have time for them all with a family and all of that so i have really scaled down on what i do and i seem to enjoy it a lot more....when something is hard to get time to do or takes too much work to even get any enjoyment out of it its time to make a change...hobbies are supposed to be fun not work....jsut my opinion

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    Earlier this week I was out back-country skiing on some mountain bike single track.
    The whole time I was thinking.... "I'm too old for this ****!"
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    You have two hobbies, fishing and hunting. Refine them so you are participating in lees but chasing the same critters. Stick with bow hunting and Fly fishing for example. That way you can moderate a bit and not be everywhere all of the time.
    I just chose those two things because that is what I did. Good luck.....Kerry
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    I used to hunt. I gave it up, but kept the guns. Some of them anyway. Fishing is really good during most hunting seasons. Not feeling sorry for the critters, just don't want to stop fishing long enough to hunt. Now if they allowed me to hunt while I fish....... I have considered Deer hunting again. To many of the little four legged road hazards jumping in front of my vehicles. I still target shoot. In fact I shot my 7mm Magnum at an indoor range. You need muffs and plugs for that oneMostly just shoot .45 pistols. I've built a few, and have pretty interesting collection of them. Best pistol ever made.

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    Guilty--- I have about 3 Grand worth of bikes that haven't been ridden for about 2 years-- cobwebs in the spokes and all.....

    I won't sell as I will ride them again soon.

    Just out of curiosity-- I think most people burn out because they spend sooooo much time, energy, attention to only one hobby--- this is not your case, (it sounds)--- Do you feel as though you don't have the time or attention for them all? Where do you think this is coming from?

    Not to get all 'Dr. Phil' on you, but it seems odd that you want to completely ditch all of your hobbies.... maybe there is something else going on? (You don't need to answer that suggestion-- just something you need to consider....)

    Please don't take this as a 'man, you're messed up...' (we've all got something....) kind of post-- I'm just concerned and want you to enjoy your hobbies.....

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    Never said I was getting out of all of them just have to many and trying to drop one or two that's all.


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    That's fair..... Sorry, I read your OP as you were wanting to sell all of your stuff..... Didn't mean to pry or make undue assumptions.

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    Thats ok I think I would have quite a bit of money if I sold all my stuff hmmmm.
    I just feel like I don't have enough cash for my hobbies, and I figure that I will be lots better at certain hobbies if I didn't have so many.

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