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Thread: Finally got the 3wt out on the water

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    Default Finally got the 3wt out on the water

    Well I could not take it anymore and had to get the 3wt Trout Bum that I built out on the water this evening. Temps in the teens but it was still great. I am going to have to practice with the rod a bit to get used to such a short rod (6'6") but I think it will make a good dry fly rod. Will be able to know more about how it casts when I do not have to clear ice from the guides after every few tosses. It is not going to be a rod for long casting but it will definitely have its purposes. Plan to post some pics of the rod if I ever find my camera cable.

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    I've got a 7ft 3wt that I got specifically for small streams. Loaded it with a 10m DT line from Cortland. I can cast it into the backing the backyard.

    I'm DYING to fish this rod. Cannot wait until I can get it on the water.
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    I have a 7'6" 3wt temple fork pro series that I got for christmas that I have not tried out. Really looking forward to the wknd of March 13 (next trip).

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    I have a 7" 3wt that I got last year for small (24 and 26) trico dries. It's a great rod for that application

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    Default Re: Finally got the 3wt out on the water

    Nice! I bought a 7'6" Trout Bum (when the economy was better!) and just recently bought an Albright A5 3wt. The first fly I ever cast was on a small Sierra creek full of enthusiastic brookies with an occasional rainbow 10 years ago - and I visit the place yearly. Light weight rods are a total blast!

    I have only tried the A5 out at the casting ponds and it sure feels much lighter than the Orvis. My gal and I plan to pack these rods into the Golden Trout Wilderness in fall this year - can't wait!

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