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    Will rudd take a fly? if so what do they take?

    some one has introduced rudd to a river I fish, fish and game and the dep of conservation are not happy about it and have put a sign up asking anglers to kill all rudd caught


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    Is the fish in the below link the one that you're talking about? if so, then they seem to be very well adapted to taking over aquatic environments. It says that they're widespread in NZ.

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    The next link says that they consume insect larvae and surface insects; at least at the young stage, so I would think that they would take a fly; if properly presented. The upturned mouth may mean that you won't get much of a rise to target; perhaps just a little dimple in the water surface. If I were you, I'd give it a try with either a rising nymph or a dry.

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    OUCH! Just what you do not need! Why would they be released there?
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    Chris: Sorry to hear that someone has released rudd into your pristime waters! I hope you learn how to catch them, keep us posted on your progress.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisinselwynNZ View Post
    Will rudd take a fly? if so what do they take?
    Hi Chris,

    The Rudd we have in the UK will readly take flies. They are primarily surface and sub-surface feeders so dries, emergers and small nymphs will all work well depending on where you are observing them feeding on any given day. We have many lakes plagued with small Rudd which are a total pain to get through sometimes BUT when you catch a Rudd of a 1lb or larger they can also be one of the most beautiful fish you will ever see, especially if you get the less common Golden Rudd which with their bright orange fins just glow!

    Non-native introductions are usually problematic so good luck with the efforts to eradicate them but at least they are not a predatory species that can cause real problems in an ecosystem. They are more likely to end up fattening up the native predators for you instead!

    If you would like more info on fishing for Rudd then you should also check out our UK forums at where there is a whole forum dedicated to other freshwater fish like this.
    Paul Sharman
    Fish and Fly Ltd

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    Pocono thats them, I have not encountered them before I dont think they are common in the south they with koi carp, catfish, and the misqueto fish (spelling) are considered pest fish as they are in direct competion with our native fish

    Kerry someone must have decided that they want these fish close too home or that they might control the weeds better than the contractors currently doing it

    Editor unfortunatly NZ dose not have predatory species except trout and perch (both introduced)

    Thanks all for the info Ill let you know how I get on


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