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    Theres a local spot i enjoy fishing..
    Quick readers digest story.
    Locar river running thru town, about 10 miles north of providence
    its nice because its not close, its kinda sheltered from the dayly hussle of town andtheres fish there.
    The river used to be used heavely by mills back in the day so theres those old mill dams all over the river.
    well about a mile up river is a dam, and where i put the canoe in is a dam.
    in the middle is a shallow but large pond.
    I have been fishing this area for years. and untill the recent public ramp. i was pretty much the only one because there was no public access and its all gron in enough where there are few spots that can be fished from shore even with waders.
    (lets just say i was resoursefull atgaining access)
    anyway heres a pic ill share of the area.

    not bad for a populated area. nice little hide away. and so many people still dont realize its resources.
    These waters are a host to all kinds of fish.
    Pike, Largemouth, bluegill, recently ive cought what others call calico bass, but im not sure its a new fish to me, Catfish, and various species of trout.
    Trout in RI are stocked and the brookies and rainbows that are not cought soon after stocking generally die off in the warm shallo waters of RI some waters have deep enough waters where some survive.
    for quite some time. during the last few hours of the day there seems to be some brown trout activity. at fiorst i thought i was seeing things, but others i have had with me also said the same.
    BROWN TROUT and there big and there commin outa the water. i had one break the surface with 10 feet of me and i cot a clear view.
    come to find out further up river. They so stock browns and they work there way down to this area, where they dont get fished for...
    Ive never hooked into one and anyone else there is fishing for largemouth...
    What do i need to do
    i so want to catch one
    ok so mabye itwasnt a readers digest version.

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    Since I know very little about that water I will give you my first impression. I would either hit it with waders or float tube starting out with an intermediate sink line and either buggers or leeches fished slow. This is my go to way. If that didnt produce I would fish a little faster with the same patterns or switch to a minnow immatation.

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