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    I will going up to the Eastern Side of the Sierra Nevada range at the end of this month, for a week, with my son, his GF and my youngest daughter...what follows are some patterns I have been working on for that trip...

    The two "old dogs", me n' Angelo...on the East Walker River, Bridgeport, CA...


    HOOK: Gamakatsu C12-B, #18
    THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Black
    BEAD: 5/64 Black Nickel, (4 wraps 0.10 lead)…or Tung
    ABDOMEN: Red Krystal Flash
    RIB: Wapsi, Silver, xsm
    THORAX: Spirit River Iridsescent dyed peacock eye, Purple

    This is a variation of Craig Matthew’s ” Bloody Midge”, out of his BRF Shop, using a new product for the thorax from Spirit River…


    HOOK: TMC 2457, Daiicht 1120, Mustad CO68, # 14
    THREAD: Gordon Griffith 14/0 Sheer, Brown
    UNDER/ABDOMEN:Flashabou, Lime Green
    OVER/ABDOMEN: Spirit River Jelly Rope, Olive, SM (angle cut end)
    THORAX:Spirit River, Squirrel Blend, Rust
    BEAD: 7/64 Brass, 5 wraps 0.010 lead or sub., or Black Tung


    HOOK: TMC 5262, #14-#18

    THREAD: Gordon Griffith 14/0 Sheer, Brown

    ABDOMEN: Portion of a stand of Amber Zelon (to hook size), 1stand Pearl KF, 1 strand Rusty Brown KF - twisted

    WING: White Zelon

    Specifically for a small Amber Caddis that appears on the East Walker in late May and early June…This color works on some other rivers I and my guys fish in Montana…


    HOOK: TMC 2487, Daiichi 1130, Mustad c49s, #18-#22

    BEAD: Silver or Copper, sized to hook, Brass with 4 turns of .010 lead or sub. or Tung

    ABDOMEN: Wapsi 70 Denier, Black or Tiemco 16/0 Black ( I love this thread!!!)

    RIB: Wapsi, Silver or Copper, xsm

    SHUCK: Pearl Midge Flash or, in this case, Cascade Crest, Midge Rainbow Flash

    HOT SPOT: Wapsi Ultra Thread 70 Denier, Fl. Red or FL. Orange…coated with Hard as Hull

    A variation on the standard Zebra Midge used with great effectiveness on the East Walker River for a very long time…some regulars there refer to the standard pattern as “Little Blackie”…it has taken many good sized Browns and Rainbow in this river…


    HOOK: TMC 2302, 5262, Daiichi 1760, #12-#18

    THREAD: Wapsi Ultra, 70 Denier, Black or Gordon Griffith 14/0 Sheer for smaller sized hooks

    ABDOMEN: Light Olive Zelon, 1 strand of Olive Krystal Flash, 1 strand Rusty Brown Krystal Flash – TWISTED – with rubber grip Hackle pliers

    WING: White Zelon

    I started playing around with this variation of Craig Matthew’s Guide Serendipity a number of years ago using old Mustad 9272 hooks I had laying around from the 70′s…a lot of them snapped in my vice and broke while fishing…when these puppies started nailing Trout for me in most of the Eastern Sierra waters I fish, I switched over to the TMC and Daiichi hooks. I am working on a new variation (ABOVE), in size #16, which will employ Amber Zelon, Pearl and Rusty Brown KF and maybe some double beads on the TMC 2302 hook…( I believe that this pattern is being taken as a Caddis by the Trouties)…


    HOOK: TMC 2487, Daiiachi 1130, Mustad c49s, #18-#22

    THREAD: Tiemco 16/0 Black or Brown

    ABDOMEN: Wapsi Ultra, 70 Denier, Cream

    RIB: Wapsi, Silver, xsm

    WING: Hareline Sparkle Organza, Brilliant White

    THORAX: Spirit River Iridsescent dyed peacock eye, Brown

    BEAD: Wapsi, Killer Caddis, Diamond, 15/0

    I updated what was left in one of my Midge boxes with this cream version using Organza for the wing instead of Zelon, the new Spirit River Peacock instead of Tan Ice Dub and a Diamond bead rather than a Glass Mercury bead. The bio-mass of the East Walker includes a huge selection of Midges in various colors…for me, Black, Cream , Red, Olive, Pearl, White and Blue have been most effective…on occasion, a Midge will be the only pattern the “Big Boys” want…and that, can be a REAL challenge…


    HOOK: TMC 2302, 5262, Daiichi 1760, #12-#18

    THREAD: Wapsi Ultra, 70 Denier, Black or Gordon Griffith 14/0 Sheer for smaller sized hooks

    ABDOMEN: Equal strands of Olive and Rusty Brown Zelon, 1 Strand Olive Krystal Flash, 1 strand Rusty Brown or Black Krystal Flash…again TWISTED

    WING: White Zelon
    Play around with color variations for what might work in different locations. These are easy to tie and they do not disappoint…


    HOOK: Daiichi 1560, #18

    THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Olive

    BEAD: Green Cyclops or Lucent, 5/64

    ABDOMEN: Peacock Micro Tubing over working thread

    BACKFLASH: Mirage Opal Tinsel

    TAIL: Natural Pheasant Tail Fibers

    RIB: Wapsi, Olive, xsm

    THORAX: SLF Prism, Brown/Olive

    WING CASE/LEGS: 6 strands Black Krystal Flash

    Little Brown and Olive Mayflies are prevalent on the East Walker at this time of year. Tailwater Tinys, Dec Hogan’s Military Mayfly and other patterns using the olive/brown theme – ROCK !!!

    My son, Michael, up on the West Walker of the locations we hope to fish...IF, it is not blown out...

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    Default Re: EIGHT - 4 the EASTSIDE...

    Nice looking bugs! It's midge heaven over there.

    Last year in early June the WW was nearly out of its banks. I suspect it'll be really high with this hot weather coming up...there's more snow at 8,000 feet this year than last. I'd throw in the float tubes.


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    Default Re: EIGHT - 4 the EASTSIDE...

    Nice posting PT,

    I like it when there are a series of patterns that one can simply scroll down through to view. Your tying is very precise; the patterns are all new to me and I hope you find your river at a usable level.


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    Default Re: EIGHT - 4 the EASTSIDE...

    PT: Thanks for sharing the great patterns, I really like the way you did the twisted bodies on the Serendipity patterns! Excellent fly tying and good luck with your Sierra Nevada range fly fishing trip!


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    Default Re: EIGHT - 4 the EASTSIDE...

    Another superb group of flies PT. Take this as the highest compliment. Every fly that you post I want to tie. Thank you for sharing.

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    Default Re: EIGHT - 4 the EASTSIDE...

    I love the first picture of you and your pup.

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