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    Hey fellow forum members, I'm looking for a bit of help and advice regards a summer trip i'm making from the UK over to San Francisco. I'll be over for two months, July and August, based in central SF with time on my hands and wanting to do some fishing and ideally looking to try and find a fishing partner or two.

    I'm interested in chasing fish of any type in any waters on the fly, stripers in bay though as i understand it's too late for them to be running (?), any other saltwater species on the fly and any fresh too. I know further north Yosemite way there's some excellent fishing, and am keen to head up there though would love to find some decent fishing a little closer to the SF area where i'll be staying.

    I will have transport over there so can travel no problem to distances within reason.

    Thanks in advance for your help folks. Look forward to hopefully fishing with some of you soon.



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    Even though I am a California resident, I am not familiar with Bay Area fishing. A good resource would be Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters based out of San Francisco. The guys and gals there are wonderful people who will go out of their ways to help anyone.

    In reality, the best fishing in California is away from San Francisco, and you may want to go out with a guide to make the best out of your trip. Here are some options:

    • The best closest fishing will be for Largemouth Bass in the California Delta. Popular guides for that area are Captain Mike Costello and Captain Dan Blanton.
    • The Truckee River is a good 3.5 hour drive east into the Sierra. Jim Landis (aka Bigfly in the forum) is a reputable guide who will put you on fish in the Truckee region.
    • If you want to fish the very northern part of the state, contact The Fly Shop (Redding - Lower Sac, McCloud, Pit) and Ted Fay's Fly Shop (Dunsmuir - Upper Sac).
    • If you want the splendor of Yosemite, look up Jimmy Morales.
    • July and August has phenomenal dry fly fishing on the Lower Yuba (about three hours NE of SF). I know most of the Yuba River guides, so let me know if you are interested.


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    If you decide to head up towards the Truckee I'm sure you might be able to get a couple of local forum members here to head out with you. I hear Folsom Lake up near Sacramento has some good Bass fishing too.
    Check out thew best page on Facebook

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    Hey, "MoscaPescador" and "Troutdoorsman", thanks for the advice, v helpful indeed.

    I reckon a couple of sites rolled into one trip out of town could be on the cards, maybe both the Yuba and the Truckee could be visited. I'm gonna get some googling and research done and work out a bit of a plan of action then I might be back on here to see who's up for a day or two on the water.

    Can i confirm that at this time of year there's little saltwater fly action in the bay area? Any other saltwater fly action south or north within reasonable distance?

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    I am new to fly fishing, actually just ordered some gear, but have been fishing in San Francisco and the Bay for while. The stripers are def in the Bay and in the Pacific Ocean (schoolies) concentrating around around Pacifica to Half Moon Bay. Just reread your post, you're coming in July/August, the larger stripers typically come in around that time.

    What type of equipment do you plan on bringing for salt?

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    You will love SF in the summer. Lots to do. I'm in the City everyday, but live in Pacifica and I am a native of SF. (PM me if you have some specific questions about the area.) I can vouch i see folks fly fishing from Pacifica all the way down to Half Moon Bay which is only 15 minutes past Pacifica along the coastline on Hwy 1. On a beautiful day, hard to beat the scenery along the coast.

    Someone mentioned the Fly Shop. I just came back from the Lower Sac River this weekend and had a terrific time boating over 30 wild rainbows with a Fly Shop guide. I've used them a few times, very reputable and always had us on fish. I'm heading back up during the July timeframe to the Upper Sac for some dry fly fishing. These place are anywhere from 3.5 to 5 hours away though. There are lots of more local places that you can find. I've been to Putah Creek which isn't too far which holds some nice trout, but also black bass and sunfish.

    You'll find great advice from folks on this forum. I'm pretty new to the sport and the places I've gone to, the equipment i have, and even the guide i used were all recommendations from this forum and they all worked out.


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    Hey "atanger" -

    That's great, really pleased to hear you say that it actually is a good to chase some fish in the salt. Most of my recent fly fishing has been in the salt in the tropics so i'm pretty geared up with 7,8,9&10 weight set ups, mainly tropics floater lines not many im or sinker lines and my fly selections are all tropics stuff so will need to stock up on appropriate striper patterns. Having all this gear though doesn't mean that im not a little rusty on the casting, i generally only et the chance to pick up a rod once a year or so, currently my last trip was a two monther in Yucatan with probably 14 days fishing in the blue, on the flats and in the lagoons. So point is, ive got most of the gear, am a little rusty on accurate distance casting, but wont take too long to pick it up.

    So how you doing, you getting onto a fish or two? Day dreaming about it as i sit at my desk in London!! Fancy partnering up for a fish at some point? I'm not sure about dates of arrival yet though likely to be early July.

    Hi Gerry, nice, that trip sounds like it was a successful one with 30 wild rainbows landed, upstream nymphing type work or attractor type patterns? Y everyone's being v helpful, really chuffed that i found the forum and signed up. Fancy a beer sometime in SF once i arrive?

    Once again thanks for your help folks and keep it coming. At some point i'll be able to return the favour in Mexico as i have a flats panga over there, however at present without motor as the last one was stolen (aarrgghh!!!) but will get a new one soon!!



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