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Thread: Too Warm for Trout?

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    Hi Everyone,
    I was recently on a New Jersey fishing forum and there were many people debating whether the water temps are to warm for catch and release trout fishing. Some of the people said that if the water temps go over 68 degrees and the fish isnt released quickly, they will most likely die. Others say that if you fight and release a trout the right way in 70 degree water then it would be ok.

    Just wanted to see what some of you thought as a lot of you are very experienced anglers. Some of the people also said they stop fishing for trout in mid may. I feel like I shouldnt even be fishing for trout anymore.

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    I'm no expert, but I think it has to do with where they are at. If you're fishing a spring creek up in the mountains, you might not have a problem. Some of the lower rivers, yeah, I can see it happening.

    When it becomes too warm and there's no place cool and deep for them, it could kill them.
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    Water temps are key, but this will vary a lot by stream. Tailwaters like the West Branch of the Delaware and spring fed streams with cool sources of water can remain very fishable throughout the summer. Unfortunately, many of the streams in NJ that are fed by run off rather than underground springs will warm up pretty quickly, especially if they don't have much overhead cover. But there are some options in NJ:
    NJDEP Division of Fish & Wildlife - Summer Trout Fishing in New Jersey

    as well as a lot of options in the Catskills and spring fed streams in PA.

    Many fly shops near a specific fishery will have info on their websites or a telephone recording detailing water conditions including temperature, flow rate and hatches.

    Once water temps hit or approach 70 degrees it starts to get into the lethal range for trout (warmer water carries less oxygen) and at that point some areas with wild trout will institute closures. And even if legal, some thought should be given before targeting trout at those temps especially on streams with wild fish.

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    Good information on the website but those streams listed are the streams the guys over on the other forum say not to fish in the summer. Next time im in the fly shop ill ask them and see if they can lead me in the direction of a place to fish. Maybe ill juat have to go to the catskills this summer.

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    Mark, do you or anyone else know of any good streams in the Poconos for trout fishing in the summer. The Poconos arent too far from my house. I know theres the Catskills too put the Poconons is a little less of a drive.


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    When you are living in the Mid Atlantic states keeping a stream thermometer in your vest or pack is a good idea. I always fished through out the summer but as the big creeks warmed up I found myself working mountain brooks wherever I could find one. Owing to the geology and most often the forest canopy these generally stay cooler in even the warmest of weather. After awhile you will develop your streams and you will never be out of fishing; a word to the wise, keep them to yourself. If you find a really good place watch where you park, when you are parked and rigging up a fly rod it is like putting up a billboard that says 'Trout Here'. I used to stash my Bronco and walk to my spots.


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